An introduction

Hi, I’m Kyra, a high school student that’s soon to be college bound! This virtual journal is something I created with the hopes of connecting with the world and expressing who I am and what I love! I have a handful of passions that have helped me to determine the future that I want for myself. I have decided that my future includes happiness, which to me is synonymous with learning, exploring, and questioning.

Sounds pretty scientific, huh? That’s because I’ve realized that I love soaking up all the knowledge I can regarding the chemical, cultural, psychological, and biological components of… cuisine.

Yes, you heard right! Through my pursuit of a healthy life and desire to tap into the creative component of myself, I started baking and cooking to meet my nutritional needs as an athlete, and to quench my desire to create quirky new recipes. Somewhere along the way, I was led to a little something that I love: food science.  I quickly realized that there is more than meets the eye (or taste bud!) to food.

Follow me along on my journey, and you will, too. I’ll share my musings on current happenings in food science, nutritional news, and my favorite recipes.


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