Lactic Acid: More than Just in your Muscles!

Ah, good old lactic acid. It and I are pretty good friends.

Also known as carboxylic acid, it’s constantly produced in us humans (and other animals) in a process called homolactic fermentation, and is commonly associated with exercise. Why? Well, our bodies are always creating it to some degree, but during intense exertion when our bodies are forced to break down fuel when oxygen is not present, lactic acid concentration increases so much that lactate enzymes in our bodies are like “whoa” and are unable to flush it out efficiently.

This causes the tell-tale aches and pains associated with a long run or an intense weight lifting session.

But did you know that lactic acid is also found in some of the foods that we eat?

Thanks to teeny-tiny microscopic lactic acid bacteria, which also ferment glucose to lactic acid, we have products like yogurt, cheese, sourdough bread, and wine!

We should all thank our lucky stars for lactic acid, even if it is the cause of some of our post-exercise soreness. Here are some recipes and meal ideas that incorporate it’s goodness ūüôā


And… bonus!

  1. Oh my gosh. Even the thought of fermentation makes me so giddy and excited. I LOVE it. The science of it, the watching of foods evolve, and of course… the eating of it. I just made my very first loaf of sourdough bread two days ago and have been re-researching all its health benefits. Wine, kimchi and kombucha are staples in my house as well. So excited to have found your blog! This is awesome.


    • It’s amazing to think that there are so many applications and benefits for a process found in some of the simplest organisms, isn’t it! Thank you so, so much for your sweet sentiment!


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