Some food highlights of this week

Gah. This week went by so quickly, as did all the nice weather. Thanks to a much needed order, back in my pantry are some of my favorite food staples, like oat fiber and peanut flour. Such things wouldn’t be possible without the lovely food science! With a nod to the complexity and intellectual awesomeness that is food science, today’s post is only a simple share out of some of my favorite kitchen creations of these past 7 days.
Obsession of the week number one – Quinoa Flakes. A nice change of pace from the usual oatmeal. Did you know that quinoa isn’t a grain, but a seed? Alright, it may not look like much (I know, it probably even looks like TUNA) but this is really quite delicious. Try some quinoa flakes with some grated zucchini, coconut-almond milk, and 2 tablespoons of powdered peanut flour mixed in. Then, douse generously in chocolate fudge sauce (dark cocoa powder + sweetener + syrup + a splash of coffee) Tastes like a peanut butter-chocolate chip cookie.
Smoothies. This week I’ve been loving mixed berry ones topped with love crunch power cereal- made with lentils, brown rice, and beans!- and other fun things like hemp, berries, and other cereals.
I did plenty of baking this week! In this picture here you can see a peanut butter banana bread loaf, sweetened with the help of some perfectly browned bananas and this brown sugar substitute called sukrin gold! Really cool stuff. It’s made from tagatose and erythritol, two sugar alternatives that are almost as sweet as sugar without the adverse side affects of most sugar alcohols. Sukrin gold looks and tastes just like that molasses-y, amber, crumbly goodness we all know as brown sugar.
Did I mention I also have been baking many different variants of brownies (here, here, and here)? It seems that I’m on the hunt to find the perfect odd-ingredient baked good, particularly one containing theobromine. Haha. Gluten free strawberry and shortbread cookies too.
For lunch this afternoon, I enjoyed kale and onion cooked in coconut oil and ume-plum vinegar and mung bean noodles mixed with pumpkin-miso paste-hummus! And this new stevia-sweetened mio drink.
A lot of my dinners this week have featured the wonderful combo of the beloved kabocha squash and avocado, some sort of protein (eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, etc.), and some roasted veggies.
Thank you for taking the time to read! It was nice to pay mention to some of my favorite noshes of this second week of March.

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