My Research (and Passion) Project

As a high school senior at my school, I am granted the opportunity to take time away from the classroom and collect research within an area of my choosing. The goal is to initiate and develop a plan of action, and going off of this, accumulate sixty (!) hours of self-directed research. This research could come in the form of job shadowing, non-profit interning, interviews, volunteering, observing, et cetera.

My focus is to learn the process of turning a homemade food product into a marketable good enjoyed by consumers. It just so happens that I have a prototype in mind to use, a custard-ice cream-like dessert made from a proprietary blend of quirky ingredients that re-imagines how healthy food can be used. More than being my last formal learning experience as a high school student, this is a passion project that’s been nearly four years in the making! It started from my love for all things nutrition, cooking, and creative, and a desire for a healthy and delicious treat. While I have yet to share what goes into this dessert, it’s a lot different from traditional insert-health-buzzword-here ice creams, I can assure you. In fact, it’s so versatile that it could even be used as frosting for cakes or slathered on toast!

While I’ve been in the “brain storming phase” for so long, I realize that I need to take a step backward. This capstone project will allow me to do just that. I want to understand where all of the ingredients that I use come from, the science behind the processing of them. I want to get feedback from more than just family and friends and learn what makes consumers tick!

I’m just a simple girl with a couple tools: a cumbersome food processor, a pink spatula, my measuring cups, spoons, and scale. But with the path I’m taking after high school into food science, I believe it to be an invaluable lesson and opportunity to network with people in the food industry.

I’ll be documenting here all throughout my “journey” for those who care to read. I’m really excited to begin!

  1. What an amazing opportunity to learn from the pros in the industry. Having a passion and curiousity to continue to learn as well as cultivating these connections and “friendships” is so key. You are on your way, my dear!

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    • thank you for all your support ❤ I am having a great time. 😀


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